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LT-10  Carbon Fiber Bow Stabilizer in Expedition Lite Series
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LT-10 Carbon Fiber Bow Stabilizer in Expedition Lite Series

10"+3" Damping System

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10"+3" Damping System

  • Reduce Vibration and Noise, Absorb Shocks. Make the Archery to be More Enjoyable, and Reduce the Chance of Pain in the Bow Arm. May Prolong the Archer or Bow Hunter's Competitive Career.
  • With Damping System the Over all Length is 13". Ultra Lightweight 10" High Quality Black Carbon Fiber Body with Aluminum Connection Base.With 3" Long Solid Damping System, Including Cap Weights 1.9oz + Washes. [Important] Please Note: Bow Stabilizers are always measured without damping system and weights.
  • Diameter 17mm & Lightweight. Very Easy to Use. Fit All Compound Bow, 8s To Install.
  • New Tech Expedition Lite Series Products are Designed for Archery Skills Practice. Strong PVC Tube Package.
  • 1 Year Warranty. Packed in A High-Quality Tube for Protection.1 Year Warranty. Please Note: Stabilizers are always measured without damping system and weights
bow stabilizer for compound bow
bow stabilizer

Better Stabilizer Better accuracy-SUNYA Carbon Fiber Bow Stabilizer Lite 17 Diameter

With the continuous improvement of archery, it’s no longer need too many shock absorbers. Because many bows have their own rubber shock absorber blocks, and the bow stabilizer can also eliminate bow vibration to replace the shock absorber, that means what we need is a high quality stabilizer, with better stability, to give you better accuracy.

SUNYA Carbon Bow Stabilizer Lite 17:

  1. Carbon Fiber+ Aluminum Connection Base
  2. Solid Damping System
  3. 1.9oz Weight. Changeable.

bow stabilizer

A Fun Fact of Bow Stabilizer

Modern targets and hunting bows has high effectively to push the arrow. In fact, the acceleration of the arrow is hundreds times of gravity, it's 9.8 m/s. But, the bow is not a perfect mechanical system-it does not transmit 100% of the stored energy / excess energy and released them through sound and vibration.

The vibration of the bow is usually a high-frequency force, which can hurt the shooter. The extreme repeated vibrations through the wrists and elbows can lead to tendinitis, tennis elbow. The repetitive movements of archery and too many vibrations of the bow increase the chances of causing physical problems. Therefore, good bow stabilizers can absorb shocks and may prolong the Archer or Bow Hunter's competitive career.

With the SUNYA carbon bow stabilizer protruding from the bow handle and attached to the flexible damping system on the end, the vibration dissipates faster. As a result, archery is more enjoyable, and the chance of pain in the bow arm is reduced.

10 bow stabilizer

Black Carbon + Aluminum For Better Compound bow Experience

bow stabilizer

Sunya Carbon Fiber Bow Stabilizer Lite 17

Bow stabilizer with weights
1.9oz Weight is included

You can change it to other weights

  • Could be used individually or together.
  • Could be connected to the DAMPING SYSTEM
  • Looks cool.

Set your own weight

Practice and improve your archery

  • Adding stability to the bow can also steady the aiming process by increasing the inertia of the bow.
  • Increasing the weight of the bow slows down the movement of the Archer's bow arm, while aiming and increasing the Archer's ability to aim more steadily at the center of the target.
  • However, adding too much weight to the bow may lead to faster fatigue and worse results.
  • More weight does not bring higher scores. do not deliberately copy other’s bow stabilizer settings.