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Extra Inspection Service

Not only a professional vendor, SUNYA is also a Service Provider.

  We offer production tracking service and inspection service for the PO which doesn't belong to us. THE KEYPOINT IS: We don't quote percent commission based on the PO amount. Our service cost is based on the Product type , quantity and customer request. Cost can be partly paid.

  In case the unacceptable defect was found, we will invite our Law Consultants partner "ZHEJIANG TUOYUAN law firm to help the customer serve the best interests.

  Please refer to part of our inspection form for a TRIAL ORDER:


SUNYA has been providing a variety of customized solutions to meet diverse needs of the buyers from different levels. Whatever its design for product , package or even both , SUNYA is experienced in it for many years. Accordingly to the customer's description, sketch or samples, SUNYA can quickly provides 2D CAD or 3D drawing for confirmation. Besides, aim to saving the cost at maximum ,we also provide 3D printing service in order to show the product as much as possible and remove defects before tooling creation.

  In traditional, mold creation will be accounted as a large part of the cost for product customization. SUNYA never obtains profit from molds. Small amount mold cost will be afforded by SUNYA. Normal mold cost may need to be prepaid and refund back once the PO has been issued. In case the mold needs multiple rounds testing ,the cost will be shared by the customer and SUNYA .

  Package design from SUNYA is always free.  ​

  We satisfy all customers of manufacturers visiting request. Travelling schedule and visit assistance is free. For the destination within 400KM diameter to SUNYA (Hangzhou office) ,we use sedan vehicle to bring our customer to the manufacturer. Otherwise we will use CNR-Train or Air transportation. We will also select and book the hotel for our customer depend on request.

Please refer to the following schedule example:

     Initial day

8:00-10:30: From Hangzhou to Ningbo

10:30-14:00: Go to A manufacturer in Ningbo from  hotel

14:00-15:00: Inspect the products and short meeting

15:00-17:40: Ningbo to Hangzhou

17:40-19:00: Have supper in Hangzhou

19:00-22:00: Back to hotel

     Next day

9:00-10:30 Pick customer from hotel and Driving for B manufacturer r

10:30-11:30 Inspect the products and short meeting

11:30-12:30 Lunch time

12:30-15:30 Departure for air port

Production Tracking

 No one expects to find negative results in INSPECTION. To make an effective production tracking is the best way to avoid issues.

Since the establishment, SUNYA has been providing the customers with detailed production tracking services. A designated staff will be arranged for an order from each PO being accepted till products arrival.

  Since the receipt of the down payment, SUNYA will provide all the following information, including raw material cost fluctuation, production schedules, inspection results, shipment booking. Besides, SUNYA will be well coordinated with relevant logistics partners to ensure that the benefits of customer are always on the top. We also provide a variety of communication methods including video conference to ensure that the customers’ questions can be answered in time.

  In SUNYA, after-sales service is also an important responsibility for production tracking staff. They will investigate the causes of the issues, take measures to avoid the same issues happens again. Products return, repair, compensation or any other requirements will be well handled by our tracking specialist .Meanwhile, SUNYA is also willing to work with the third party QC company assigned by the customer to ensure customer’s benefits being guaranteed.